Things to do in Seattle During a Plague (Week Two)

BySeattle Sucks

This is an ongoing series of recommended Entertainment provided by the kind hosts of the Seattle Sucks podcast to help get you through the shelter in place order in effect in Washington state, and around the globe. Check out the previous week's recommendations if you haven't already. To maintain and foster any burgeoning cults of personality the recommendations are provided by host.

Greg's Picks

Planet of the Apes (I-V)

Brian's Picks


Starring Paul Rudd and Romany Malco, this is an odd little comedy from the early aughts. Shot like a late ‘70s art film, Rudd and Malco are brothers who have inherited their family estate, a chateau in France, that neither knew existed. Rudd and Malco want to sell the house, the staff want to stop them. Oh, and Paul Rudd speaks to the staff in English with an extremely put-on French accent. It's funny, it’s light, it’s largely forgettable, and most importantly it’s streaming. A perfect movie for when you are feeling completely burnt out on plague news.

Battle Mania 2 (aka: Daiginjō), Giga Wing (aka: Giga Uingu)

I’ve been playing the shit out of old bullet hells on my Raspberry Pi during quarantine and these are two of my favorites (Giga Wing on MAME and Battle Mania on MegaDrive). If you aren’t familiar with the bullet hell concept, these are games that are designed to eat all your quarters as quickly as possible in the arcade. The Japanese bullet hells are especially insane. So if you like trying to dodge a whole screen of fire, rockets, etc, in utter futility while also gunning down an endless army of drones, check this out.

Colin's Picks


The sweet blood, oh, it sings to me…it's enough to make a man sick…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Make sense of civilization from memories, ruins, and ash in the hazy aftermath of its collapse in what might be the greatest game of all time.

Angel's Egg

A tone poem pulled from the darkest depths of spiritual apocalypse.